Sunday, February 8, 2009

Orders from Fini...

I made these cupcakes the night before I went to Kak Mis class (YES, I went to her class on Saturday..will tell later about the class).. Fini ordered 2 sets of cupcakes for mkn2.. at first, she requested Dora & Ben10 faces on the cc, then I told her that I don't think I can draw Ben10 coz it's too small & I afraid people won't recognized my drawing..Then she said, proceed with Dora & rainbow for the 1st set and love with polka dot & butterfly for the 2nd set..

Well, I just realized that it is so hard to draw cartoon faces on the ganache topping... it turned out that Dora's faces looked like a "ghost"... hahahahaha... this is what my hubby said la (ni dia yg lukis, after dah warna semua, baru sedar yg lukisan tu mcm hantu, kitorang risau org takut nak mkn lak).. So, I had to wipe off those "ghost" faces & changed the deco to the sun... what a relieved!!!
1st set - rainbow & sun
2nd set - love & butterfly

1 comment:

Jue said...

mi...butterfly tu ok ker????
mcm ada smthg wrong jer tak????

aku frust kalo gini....ko tgk tak cuppies aku yg orange/blue tuh.....ya tuhan, tension tul aku....cukup yak bekenan, serba tak kena. Ni case dh tak larat la ko.....