Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 Tiers Wedding Cakes/Cupcakes (Tiers for Rental Only)....

There are few options for wedding tiers, it can be either:-

1) 3 tiers cake + cupcakes

i- Cake at the bottom (cake size is 10")

ii) Cake at the bottom (cake size 12")

iii- Cake on the top (cake size is 6")

iii- Cake at the bottom (cake size is 9") with 16pcs cupcakes M size all around the cake.

2) 3 tiers cakes (cake siz
e - 12", 9" & 6")

3) 3 tiers cupcakes

Tiers Type 1 (Graceful Tiers) - Cupcakes M size

Tiers Type 2 (Floating Tiers) - Cupcake M size

Tiers for cupcakes only
(adjustable, it depends on your needs, it can be 3tiers, 4tiers and so on)

*** for price, depends on deco type & please email me @ for quotation ***
*** tiers MUST BE RETURNED within 3 days from the day rented... Otherwise, late charges will be imposed (RM15/day) ***

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