Friday, November 14, 2008

250 cupcakes for Kindergarten Kids - Day 1 ...

These 250pcs cc is for Kindergarten Kids Coloring Contest for "Kempen Mesra Alam" organized by Local Agenda 21, Majlis Perbandaran Temerloh, which was held at Temerloh Esplanade Park on 12 November 2008..

First set of 50 cupcakes..

Another 50 pcs...

Another 50pcs.. simple drop flower (kurang menjadi bunganya..)

And another 50pcs but too lazy to draw the yellow lining... I made swirl on the other half of cc instead..

Last set of 50pcs.. too tired to draw anymore + sleepy as well... just simple lining & dots will do...

Altogether 250pcs cupcakes in individual casing... (slept at 5.30 am on 12/11/08)..

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