Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pricing - Cupcakes


Cupcake Flavours :

> Chocolate Moist (most highly demand)
> Red Velvet (NEW!!!)
> Strawberry
> Vanilla
> Orange
> Coffee
> Almond

Cupcake Toppings :
> Buttercream / Chocolate Buttercream
> Chocolate Ganache
> Cream Cheese (for Red Velvet)
> Fondant / Sugarpaste


1) PLAIN CUPCAKES (minimum order must be at least 50pcs)
Available in Souffle Cup ONLY: RM1.20/pc
* additional 10cents for packing in loose plastic
* additional 30cents for packing in round dome casing
* if order in bulk quantities, price can negotiate (but cannot be less than RM1/pc)
--> not available anymore


* Cupcakes for deco are ONLY available in Souffle Cup
* For buttercream / chocolate ganache deco, we only offer S & M size
* For fondant / sugarpaste deco, we only offer M & L size

(Size S= 2oz) - 3cm height, 5cm width.
(Size M= 2.5oz) - 3.5cm height, 5.5cm width.
(Size L=3.750z) - 4cm height, 6cm width.

i) Deco with Buttercream ONLY (for simple deco only, not including roses on cupcakes)

Small (2oz) -
3cm height X 5cm width
16pcs/box = from RM 40.00 above (choc moist/butter) / RM 50.00 (red velvet)
25pcs/box = from RM 55.00 above (choc moist/butter) / RM 65.00 (red velvet)

Medium (2.5oz) - 3.5cm height X 5.5cm width
16pcs/box = from RM 50.00 above (choc moist/butter) / RM 60.00 (red velvet)
25pcs/box = from RM 70.00 above (choc moist/butter) / RM 80.00 (red velvet)

** For Chocolate Buttercream, please add RM5 for each set.
** For Chocolate Ganache, please add RM7 for each set.
** For Edible Image, please add RM1.50/pc (if only require few cc with edible) @ RM25/set.
** Drawing of cartoon faces is not available anymore.

ii) Deco with Fondant
--> figurines animal (bugs/bees/bear etc)
--> figurines hantaran (handbag, shoes, watch, makeup set etc)
--> home-made flowers (rose/daisy/sunflower)

Medium (2.5oz) - 3.5cm height X 5.5cm width
16pcs/box = starting from RM 75.00 above
25pcs/box = starting from RM 115.00 above

Large (3.75oz) - 3.5cm height X 6cm width
12pcs/box = starting from RM 80.00 above
16pcs/box = starting from RM 105.00 above

** if require more figurines/flowers on the cupcakes, price will be higher

Notes :-
*** additional cost if require boxes for hantaran (transparent box as below), price will be added between RM10-20 (depends on deco of boxes)

Notes :-
*** Price is subject to change from time to time.
*** For any other enquiry, please email me at


skinifet said...

salam aimi,
seronok browse kat sini, fyi saya selalu lawat blog ni...& saya dah link blog aimi ni kat my blog ( sepatutnye mintak izin dulu!!!!!)takpe kan??? cantik & chome decoration kat sini...keep it up....skinifet>> or

Anonymous said...

Salam Aimi,

Aku cadangkan letak harga kat CC dan kek yg ko dah buat tu, barulah customer dapat imagine harga ngan deco tu.

Amelia Farida